• Laura part 1 by Elsa Petit, shortfilm featuring dancer Laura Lorenzi
  • Baram Khana by Shapla Salique, choreographer, Music Video, London
  • Bread Alone by Lorne, choreographer, Music Video, London
  • She Dances by Rik Burnell, Short film, London
  • Rouge Amour by Kezia Barnett, London
       Winner of Straight 8 competition, Screened at Cannes Festival        2011
  • Eulogy to Eunice by Michael Carstens
       Optische Bank, Berlin
  • What a party by Michael Carstens 
       Optische Bank, Berlin
  • Dead Point by Jessica Kneip
       Short Film, Movement direction, London
  • Blur, Student Choreography, The Place Theatre, London
  • Catch the train, Student Choreography, The Place Theatre, London
  • Moi, non, bon! , Student Choreography, The Place Theatre, London