Rikiki Theatre is Elsa Petit and Lowri James. Two performers, theatre makers and mothers.



 DadaBaba is your child's very first theatre experience. It is a multi-sensory introduction to Art made by mums for parents/carers and their babies between 0 and 1. Using dance, puppetry and sound, DadaBaba creates an intimate, warm and stimulating environment. Accessible to prams and tailored to babies routines it is also a safe place for isolated new parents to meet, share and connect. 

From the tickle of a paintbrush to the rustle of canvas, the whirlwind of primary colours to the sound of inspiration, it is a dance through Art history. Smelling sunflowers from Van Gogh or screaming like Munch, framing the intimate moments between parents and child ...making art out of the ordinary.

Light, sight, sound, touch... DadaBaba wants to bring Central London's Theatre and Art Gallery's to your doorstep.


Elsa Petit


Lowri James


Lowri James is a highly experienced children's theatre maker, performer and puppeteer. She has devised and performed new productions for the most iconic establishments of London's children's theatre; the Unicorn Theatre, The Polka Theatre and Oily Cart. She has also created work and performed for the National Theatre, The Young Vic, Punchdrunk, Kneehigh and was in the original cast of 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' in the West End.  

We first collaborated creating a new play for Nearly There Yet company and The Little Angel Theatre, where we combined puppetry, movement and visual storytelling to create 'Lab Rat' a touring theatre production for young people. In this project we found that our backgrounds, whilst different created a highly complimentary team and by combining our disciplines we could create visually stunning and effecting plays for children. We share a background in immersive theatre and understand the power of interacting directly and spontaneously with the audience. We saw first hand the wonderful results of adapting this practice for a younger audience. 

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